# Media

# Official Chat

Official Vue.js chat on Discord gathers thousands of developers from around the world. Among the many channels, the most popular ones are #need-help where you can share your develompent related issues and #general if you have some questions about Vue.js itself. Other channels are dedicated to particular topics, such as #best-practices, #vuex, #jobs or #mobile-apps.

The chat's main language is English, but there are also rooms for conversations in other languages. Many bigger Vue.js libraries have their own Discord servers or chats on other platforms, so they don't have their own channel on VueLand. To learn about them, take a look at the Other Platforms section.

Remember that people you discuss with are not obligated to provide help and that they're not there all the time, so it can take a while to receive an answer. It may also vanish under other messages. If your problem is more complex and can take longer to solve, it may be wiser to share it on the forum and then link it on the chat.

Occasionally the chat's team organizes Q&A sessions with two or more important members of the Vue.js community. Each Q&A has a specific topic where the special guests answer questions, asked by other users.

# Official Forum

Official Vue forum is a SEO friendly alternative to the chat. It's especially helpful if you expect to take longer to get the answer and can afford to wait for it. The forum's team is managed by Thorsten Lünborg, but you can also find help from other Core Team members there from time to time.

# Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow's Vue.js section is a common place for people to ask questions related to programming with Vue.

# Newsletters

Vue.js News is an official Vue.js weekly newsletter, curated by Damian Dulisz, member of the Vue.js Core Team. There's also an audio podcast version of it, prepared by Adam Jahr and Gregg Pollack from VueMastery learning platform.

If you want your new resource covered in the upcoming edition, submit it using the form on the website. While the newsletter typically shows up on Tuesday, the podcast has to be prepared sooner, so make sure to submit your content until Sunday. If some articles, libraries or tutorials are missed in the current edition, they may still show up next week.

# Vue People

VuePeople.org is an interactive map of Vue.js developers and enthusiasts around the world, with a possibility to filter them with tags. The plan for the future is to make it network that connects the Vue.JS community not only with each other, but also with events and work opportunities. You can register via your Github account.

# Influential People on Twitter

Twitter is the first place where developers share updates on their packages, discuss ideas, point out findings, do polls or just ask for advice.

# Other Platforms

As the Vue community continues to grow, there are more and more specialized groups appearing on various social platforms. We list some of them below, together with Vue-related groups in other services.

# Other Language Media

Not all of the Vue ecosystem around the world communicates in English. There are multiple other language groups on different platforms. You can find the most popular among them on awesome-vue repository.