# Testing Vue apps

Testing has always been a scary topic for beginners. Vue being a framework and most often working with .vue files has its specifics when it comes to unit testing. The tooling around Vue tries to make the testing experience as painless as possible.

E2E tests however, follow the same path as any other modern web application, so its up to you to choose a tool to test with.

Tip: If you are using Vue-CLI, it comes with Unit and E2E testing setup out of the box, so you dont have to setup anything.


  1. Use Vue CLI to setup your projects
  2. Choose Cypress for e2e tests
  3. Choose Jest for unit tests
  4. Use Vue Test Utils as a utility testing library

Vue does not have a specific testing framework of its own, but most people are using Jest as their unit testing framework of choice. It has an easy to remember API, flexible assertion mechanics and with a large community behind it, you can find many plugins and solutions to common problems.

# Books

If you want to read a book about testing you can give our Vue Testing Books page a look.

# Courses and more

There are many tutorials and courses out there, however we will show a few that are very well written and considered a "must read".