# Blogs

Finding the right place where you can read quality Vue articles, or even submit your own is not as easy as one might think.

The list below includes some of the best resources for general web development articles as well as specialized Vue blogs.

# The Vue Point Official

The Vue Point is the official Vue.js blog on Medium. Expect articles directly from the Vue Core team or Evan You himself about new features, upcoming updates and more.

# Vue.js Developers popular

Vue.js Developers is a blog originally started by Anthony Gore and is one of best resources for both beginner and seasoned Vue developers. Nowadays it's maintained by Anthony along with a community of writers, pushing articles on a weekly basis. Users are also able to submit articles, that get published after a reviewing process.

It's got its own active Slack community and well maintained profiles across popular social media platforms.

# Alligator.io popular

Alligator.io is a blog related to general Web development, with categories spanning across CSS, general JavaScript, and frameworks like Vue, React amd Angular.

Its collection of Vue.js articles is worth reading, touching everything from beginner to the more advanced topics.

# VueSchool Articles

VueSchool Articles - By now you probably know about VueSchool's courses on teaching Vue. Did you know they also have a blog? Some of the articles are authored by the same tutors that do the courses so you can expect top notch quality there as well.

They write about beginner as well as more advanced topics like Testing, Component design and more.

# CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks Articles - CSS-Tricks is well known for its awesome demos and well written explanations and tutorials. Their blog is no exception, with Vue tutorials and articles, some of which are written by popular Vue enthusiasts, like Sarah Drasner her self.

# Scotch.io

Scotch.io - Scotch.io is a very popular learning platform on a wide range topics like Vue, React, Angular, Node, Laravel and much more. Their blog is where they post articles from top notch developers around to world.

# Dev.to

Dev.to is an online community for sharing and discovering great ideas, having debates, and making friends. Anyone can share articles, questions, discussions about general development. They allow cross-posting from other sources as well, as long as you have rights to the content.

There are new Vue articles on a weekly basis, which are worth checking out.


ITNEXT.IO is a Medium based blog for ITNEXT software developers, engineers, IT architects, system engineers and IT Managers to share their knowledge and ideas, helping them connect, collaborate and learn with other people.

They release well written Vue articles, along with other good material.

# Pusher

Pusher Blog is a platform that offers APIs to build real-time apps. You can find plenty of Vue related articles that show how you can use Vue with their APIs to build complex applications.

# The Road To Enterprise

The Road To Enterprise - is a platform that, besides technical ebooks, has a blog with various technical programming concepts covering frameworks and tools such as Vue.js, Nuxt, JavaScript, CSS, React, Next, ECMAScript, Node, Testing, Vite, Tailwindcss, and more.

# Personal Blogs

This list consists of personal developer blogs, where people share their Vue related problems and solutions.

  • Markus Oberlehner - Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, Test Driven Development and Front-End Architecture. Unique articles and interesting problem resolutions.

  • Adri Fontcu - Frontend development, CSS, UX, design, lean, agile and everything in between.

  • Tiago Alves - Vue.js, NativeScript, Weex, Mobile App Development

  • Ben Hong - Vue.js, Frontend development, CSS,

  • Ivan Sieder - Vue.js, Frontend development

  • Dobromir Hristov - Vue.js, Frontend development

  • Michael Thiessen - Vue.js, Frontend development

  • Bo Andersen - Vue.js, Frontend development. Unique articles and interesting problem resolutions.

  • Raymond Camden - Vue.js, JavaScript, Frontend development and serverless.

  • Taha Shashtari - Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, Frontend development.

  • Alexander Lichter - Nuxt.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, Clean Code, Refactoring, SEO, Frontend, Tooling and Performance.

  • Jonas Galvez - JavaScript, Nuxt.js, Distributed Systems.

  • Michael Gallagher - Vue.js, Vuex, Javascript, Frontend development.

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