# Video courses

Showcase individual Vue related video courses. Platforms go into the learning platforms page.

# Advanced Vue Component Design popular

Author: Adam Wathan

Created by Adam Wathan, popular Laravel figure and author of Tailwind CSS, this course is aimed towards developers with previous Vue.js experience, wanting to go one step further.

As an advanced course, it covers topics like building custom controlled components, implementing external libraries, modals, component composition, render functions, renderless components, data providers and more. It uses ES6+ features, Single File Components, slots and others, so be prepared as users are expected to know how to work with them.

# Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) popular

Author: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

The course covers all the important topics, from the Vue basics, binding props, form handling, Vuex and Vue Router. Material is being updated, as new features are added to the framework and its ecosystem, like Vue CLI 3 for example.

Maximilian does a great job at explaining things in a simple and easy to follow manner, plus extra free videos are available on YouTube.

# Enterprise Vue Presale

Author: Anthony Gore

The course will teach you how to build a full-stack Vue.js CRUD application with an authenticated Node.js API, along with unit testing, modern JavaScript and best practices.

Throughout the course you will use Vue CLI 3, Vuetify framework, MongoDB, Jest, Vue-test-utils, Nightwatch, deployment to Heroku and more.

# Vue.js Essentials - 3 Course Bundle popular

Author: Anthony Gore

Vuejsdevelopers.com hosts not only Vue articles, but also a few beginner video courses. The "Vue.js essentials" is sold as a 3 course bundle or separate.

It goes through basics of building a Vue app, multi page websites using Vue Router and finally how to implement Vuex and Server-Side rendering for a high performance, SEO optimised website.

# Scrimba - Learn Vue for free

Author: Zaydek

# Learn Vue 2 in 65 Minutes

Author: Gary Simon

The course is for absolute beginners who want to get up and running quickly, without being bogged down by excessive powerpoint slides and theory.

In this free course you will go from Installing Vue (Three different methods), creating Vue Components, styling approaches, handling forms , animations and multi page routing.

# Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids

Author: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

This course, will teach you how to create Nuxt/ Vue apps from scratch! Users will build an entire course project and dive into the core features Nuxt.js offers.

It goes through what Nuxt.js is exactly and how it connects to Vue, how to configure files and folders when using the framework, the different build targets, how to build a fully working app with authentication and more.

By the end of the course, users would have made a complete Vue app, built with Nuxt.js, which can be rendered on the server (or as a static website!) and which is highly optimized.

# Heartbeat - NW.js + Vue[tify].js Desktop App

Author: Axel Uriel Martínez Castillo

This is a step by step Youtube video series with short videos that aim to touch one subject at a time. It also features the use of Vuetify.js and some very handy npm packages during the journey.

The video series starts by building the Vue app from scratch and then moving it into the Desktop environment.

# Vue Js 2 Tutorial

Author: The Net Ninja

Simple and beginner friendly tutorial for getting started with Vuejs

This youtube series covers the entire basics of Vuejs and important topics such as the Vue Instance, Event Listeners, Data binding, Life cycle Hooks and Setting up the vue-router plugin.