# Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important shared values in the Vue.js community. There are several initiatives that aim to boost different aspects of diversity. Most of these initiatives are grass-roots activities occurring within the community and supported by the Core Team.

For example, most Vue.js conferences offer discounted or free diversity tickets to help encourage more diverse attendance.

A lot of good work is also done by individuals in the community who blaze the trails for their peers, making it easier for other representants of minorities to get more active too.

# Vue Vixens

Founded in 2018, Vue Vixens is led by CEO Jen Looper, CTO Michele Cynowicz, and Worldwide Community Organizer Diana Rodriguez. A program that aims to promote gender diversity within the Vue.js community, Vue Vixens as an organization is specifically focused on promoting people who identify as women, helping them learn Vue.js to build web and mobile apps and build their careers.

They partner with Vue.js conferences to provide free workshops for attendees and other community members either for full-day or for mini three-hour classes called "skulks" centered around specific topics from Vue.js ecosystem. The workshop content was prepared by many members of the Vue Vixens community.

Vue Vixens also engages the community in other ways, including crafting full-day events such as Vue Vixens Day Argentina and providing support to local chapters which are led by chapter leaders around the world.

Vue Vixens' mission is to mentor people who identify as women both on social media, personal interactions and conferences. Their goal is to boost the number of women-identifying people who attend and speak at the events or try their skills as content creators, to help mid-career and senior women stay engaged by learning new technologies, and to help new developers enter the workforce.

# Concatenate Conference

Concatenate is a free conference created by Christian Nwamba, known for his popular Vue.js course, and Vue.js Core Team member Sarah Drasner.

Hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, it attracted the participation of top tier speakers from around the world, eager to network and share their knowledge with those who often find it difficult to attend such events on other continents.

Having people from Vue.js community take part in organizing such an undertaking both makes us proud and gives a lot of much needed hope.