# Job Market

Short info about the current Vue.js job market and its growth in the past years.

# VueJobs Popular

VueJobs is a job market advertisement platform with the status of an official Vue.js community partner. It allows both job adverts from companies as well as creating developer profiles by individual Vue.js professionals.

The job posts are shared across multiple social media platforms, both own accounts as well as through partner sites like the official Vue Newsletter.

Developers looking for a Vue.js related job can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter or take part in discussions on VueJob's chat on Discord, where professionals from around the world share their experiences and impressions from companies offering job with Vue.

A significant percentage of the income is distributed to the authors of both Vue.js and key ecosystem projects.

# Other Platforms

# StackOverflow

Stack overflow has an active jobs section and it has been getting an increase of Vue related job offers lately.

# JSRemotely

JS Remotely includes Vue.js among its filters. There should be a new job post around once a week with various seniority level.

# What Skills are Employers Looking for in Vue Developers

Some explanation on what is most commonly searched for by employers when looking for Vue developers. Common pitfalls. This section should provide a general overview and leave the individual cases for the next one.

# Tips from the Employers' Side

The guidelines listed in this section come from actual Human Resources workers or Vue.js developers who take active part in the recruitment process in their respective companies. Unlike the summary above, these tips come from individual experiences and should be treated as such.

They won't necessarily apply to each use case but they provide good insight into what you should expect on different stages of job hunting.

# Dobromir Hristov - Vue Bulgaria speaker and organiser

Below is a list of common skills that I think can make a developer standout from the crowd when applying for a job as a mid to senior Vue developer.

No one is expecting you to know them all, but the more you know, the better first impression you will make.

  • Multi level component communication - Vuex, Buss or other pub-sub mechanism, Vue Events - Know when you should chose one over the other, pros and cons of them.
  • Popular Vue framework knowledge - When does it make sense to use a framework and when not. Which one can fit for the job without major rewrite of styles or functionality. Is one following better UX practices than the other?
  • Mobile Device Framework - Should you go with a PWA, Native code compiled or Cordova Hybrid app. Pro's and Cons of each.
  • Large Form Handling - How to handle large, complicated forms, reuse common logic across components, data validation.
  • Code Reusability - Methods of sharing code across components - Mixins, Factories, Services, Store Actions, Utility Functions, these can make a big difference in large applications.
  • Component Framework Styling Patterns - What naming patterns to choose when styling components. Should you go with BEM, SMACSS, Scoped or Module styles. Would preprocessors make sense in the project.
  • Code Documentation - Ways of documenting components and related code - JSDOC, .ts definitions, Component usage examples like using Storybook
  • Popular Coding Standards (ESLint, Prettier) - Understanding the need for ESLint or Prettier in a project. How to set it up and when to override popular presets.
  • Basic Webpack Knowledge - Knowing how Webpack works and to setup its build chain is always a plus, even when using Vue CLI.
  • Code Optimisation - Dynamic Imports (when does it make sense), Code Speed Optimisation, Time to first paint, General Page Speed Optimisations, Working on slow networks.
  • Cross Browser compatibility - Polyfilling, Ponyfilling and graceful fallback for older browsers that your app supports.

I advice you to apply for a position, even if you don't cover all the points. Depending on the position, most of the times there will be a senior developer guiding you to improve where you are lacking.

A few general advices wen applying to any job ad:

  • Don't answer interview questions with just one word. Explain very briefly why you chose that answer.
  • If a project is still in discussion phase, you can steer towards using Vue as a framework by showcasing usage examples and it's benefits.
  • Do some research about the company. Does it use Vue for other projects. Does it contribute to Open Source libraries. Does it boast a healthy working environment.