# Meetups and Events

Meetups and Events hold a crucial role in building a strong community. Both newcomers and seasoned developers can benefit from meeting and interacting with people from various levels of expertise and backgrounds.

A typical meetup can vary from just a gathering at a bar/restaurant, to more learning oriented ones, where speakers give small talks, on a topic they are passionate about. The first part is better for bonding and finding fresh blood, where as the second one is better for leveling up the group's expertise. Both attendees skills as well as the speaker's teaching abilities can greatly improve with such events.

# Events.vuejs.org

Finding or organising a local meetup in your area can be quite hard, as it involves a lot of searching, preparations, etc.

events.vuejs.org is the official guide to finding meetups, conferences, workshops and more in the Vue ecosystem. It is maintained and curated by Vue Core members, but contributions from the community are more than welcome.

# Spread the Word

You can popularize your event by announcing it on the Official Vue Chat, Tweeting with hashtag #VueJS and #VueJSMeetups or even directly writing to VueMeetups on Twitter.

You can also ask on Discord to be promoted to a Community Leader, so you can discuss and share experience with other meetup organizers around the world.

If you want Vue stickers to giveaway at meetups, you can contact the people at VueJobs, they give them out for free for meetup organisers.