# Hosting

Choosing a proper hosting for a Vue.js website can be frustrating. To choose a proper hosting provider, you need to know the type of website you are working with. Typically Vue.js websites can be split into 2 major categories:

# Static File Websites

These websites are made out of only static files, that require no server scripts, and are entirely run on the clients browser. Such websites are:

  • Pre-rendered - websites that are pre-rendered before deploying to a server, meaning each page is represented by a static HTML file. Check out the Statically Generated Websites for more info.
  • SPA - websites consisting of a single index.html entry and a bunch of generated static assets. Page rendering and routing is done on the client in the browser. Such websites do not require a dedicated server to run and can be hosted on a static file hosting. Check out the SPA Websites page for more info.

These websites can be hosted on Traditional Hosting or on the cheaper Static File Hosting described below. Check the Vue CLI 3 - Deployment page to see how to deploy to the most popular hosting providers.

# Static File Hosting

Static file hosting is generally used to serve rarely changing assets, that are processed and generated upfront, to the client's browser in the most optimized and fast way. Such hosting solutions are perfect for SPAs or pre-rendered websites, as they are mostly a collection of static files and require no runtime processing. These hosting services cannot run files containing dynamic code like .php or .js node scripts.

# Netlify Popular

Netlify is a popular choice for a static file hosting service. It offers a simple to use interface, global CDN, free and easy to setup SSL, URL rewrites, custom header setup, cloud functions and more.

They offer integration with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. Netlify offers a free hosting tier, which should suit most people's needs.

# GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket Pages

The top 3 git services offer free static website hosting. You can deploy your websites to them by just committing your code to a repo, which will get automatically deployed for you. You can connect a custom domain or use their subdomains, GitLab even offers a CI pipeline to build your website on the fly.

# Firebase Hosting

Firebase hosting is a free static content hosting by Google, which offers a quick and easy way to deploy websites to a global CDN. Their Cloud Functions can be used to build serverless microservices with Node.js. They also offer lightweight hosting configuration options like URL rewrites and custom header setup.

# CloudFront

CloudFront is a fast content delivery network by Amazon. They boast high speed, low downtime and flexible configuring options, at a pay-as-you-go pricing model. CloudFront is integrated with AWS and works seamlessly with other Amazon services like DDoS mitigation, Amazon S3, load balancing and more.

# Surge.sh

Well established, easy and fast command line driven, static file hosting. They have lots of guides for the most popular build tools, services and, custom domain mapping and offer a free tier.

# Now.sh

Free static file hosting with support for lambda functions. "Now" is a pretty good choice as it offers a global CDN, its very fast to build and optimized for maximum app loading speed. Server auto-scaled up and down instances based on usage.

# Server Rendered Websites

These websites can be SPAs or normal websites that have only parts of them written in Vue. They usually require a script to be run on the server to render the page, be it Node.js, PHP or other server language. Examples of such are Laravel websites, Node.js apps written in Express, Koa, Adonis or other similar framework.

  • SSR (Universal) SPA - websites are rendered on the server upon visit, then the SPA part of the website takes over routing, rendering and other functionality. These typically require a Node.js server constantly running. Check out the What Are Server Side Rendered Apps page for more info.
  • Server Rendered No-SPA - server rendered websites, that rely on the server to render and handle routing, using Vue for additional in-browser functionality. Most commonly seen are Laravel, WordPress, Rails or Django based websites. Visit the Vue Enhanced Websites page for more info.

These websites can only be run on a more traditional server hosting, where a server script is always listening and handling incoming requests.

# Traditional Server Hosting

If you are planning to build a Laravel or Nuxt.js powered website, then you will need a more traditional hosting solution.

Opposed to static file hosting, this kind of hosting offers a configured server, that is constantly up and ready to run your dynamic scripts. Be it Node.js or PHP, such hosting providers are usually paid as they require dedicated resources to be allocated to you. There are free solutions, but they are usually very limited in terms of features, with some very good cheap ones available.

One would use such a hosting service typically for hosting a PHP, Python or Node.js backed website.

# Heroku

# Digital Ocean

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