# Workshops

Workshops are hands on practical events, where seasoned experts teach a group of attendees about a certain topic. Opposed to normal events, where speaking and showcasing slides is the main activity, workshops focus more on building something under the guidance of the lecturer in exchange for shorter theoretical sessions.

Workshops usually work best in smaller groups, around 15 to 20 people, with larger ones usually requiring the help of additional mentors. Downside of larger groups is that attendees cannot interact as close with the lecturer, because of the amount of people the lecturer would need to address.

# Format of a Workshop

Every workshop is unique, as in each instructor decides on how to structure their event. The same workshop can be different each time it is held, depending on the attendees level, interaction and other factors.

Most follow the "Explain feature first, practice after" where the main topic is split into sections, each of which is first explained in detail and then attendees are asked to practice what was just taught.

Others follow the "work along with the mentor" approach, where attendees follow alongside the instructor, as he explains what the topic is about while showing how to apply it in real life.

Workshops mostly range from half a day to the more in depth ones spanning across two or three days. Longer workshops, allow for instructor to dive deeper into a topic, showing a lot more than just the basic requirements to get things working. Attendees have a bigger opportunity to interact with the mentors, ask questions on issues that come up as development goes.

# Where to Find Workshops

The easiest way is to check on Events.vuejs.org - Workshops as that page is officially maintained by core team members.

Usually, the days before and after larger tech events are when such workshops are most commonly held. On those days, event speakers and other experts give half or full day workshops, in small to medium groups with mentors helping out where needed.

These workshops are generally paid, with good discounts if you plan to attend the main event as well. Free workshops around events are also not uncommon, as they are organised by larger organisations, to help out specific groups or search for talent.

If you did not find anything near you, you can check your local Vue.js group or on the various Vue community social websites. Check out Meetups to find about Vue communities near you as well as Social Media to start following and interacting with your preferred community.