How to Apply Strikethrough Formatting in Google Docs

How to strikethrough on google docs?

While writing, there may be occasions when you wish to apply a strikethrough to specific text, which involves inserting a horizontal line across the text.

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Here are different situations where strikethroughs can be used:

  • – To show that a section of text should be removed.
  • – To indicate that a section of text is no longer relevant.
  • – To mark a task as completed, often found in To-Do lists.
  • – To add a lighthearted or unrelated message in writing, and more.

In this article, we will explore the process of applying a strikethrough or crossing out text while working with Google Docs.

Striking Through Text in Google Docs

There are two ways to cross out text in Google Docs: by using a keyboard shortcut or by selecting the strikethrough option from the Format tab in the header section of Google Docs.

An interesting fact: You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5 to apply strikethrough in Google Docs.

Striking Through Text in Google Docs with a Shortcut Command

Below are the instructions for utilizing a shortcut command to apply strikethrough formatting to text in Google Docs:

  • – Begin by opening Google Docs and generating a new, empty document.
  • – Proceed to input text into your document.
  • – Then, select the text you have entered.
  • – If you are using Windows, press Alt + Shift + 5.
  • – If you are using a Mac, press ⌘ + Shift + X.

Here you have it, we’ve employed a shortcut command to apply a strikethrough to text in Google Docs.

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Striking Through Text in Google Docs with the Format Tab

In this part, we will explore the process of applying a strikethrough to text in Google Docs using the Format feature. The following steps outline the procedure:

  1. – Begin by opening Google Docs and initiating a new blank document.
  2. – Proceed to input text into your document.
  3. – Then, select the text you have entered.
  4. – Next, navigate to the header and click on the Format tab.
  5. – From there, select Text and then choose the Strikethrough option.

Once you’ve completed the process, your text will appear with a line through it.

An interesting fact: Another way to strikethrough text is by clicking on the Format menu, then selecting Text and finally choosing Strikethrough.

How can strikethrough be applied in typing?

To modify text, you can follow these straightforward steps. First, select the text you wish to modify. On a Windows computer, press Ctrl+D, or on a Mac, press Command+D. Then, locate the “Strikethrough” option under the “Effects” section in the middle of the window and click on it. This will apply the strikethrough effect to the selected text. Strikethrough text is commonly used to indicate that a word or phrase has been removed or is no longer valid, while still allowing it to be visible. This formatting option is often used in editing documents, making corrections, or indicating changes in a collaborative writing process. It can also be used for emphasis or to create a specific visual effect in design or presentation materials. When using strikethrough, it’s important to consider the context and purpose of the edited text to ensure clarity and effective communication. For example, in a collaborative document, strikethrough might be used to show suggested deletions or revisions, while in a design project, it could be used to create a visually striking effect. Overall, understanding how to apply strikethrough formatting can enhance your ability to communicate and present information effectively in various contexts.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the concept of using strikethroughs in writing, their practical applications, and the method for applying strikethrough/crossing out text in Google Docs.

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An interesting fact: If you want to remove the strikethrough, you can use the same methods mentioned above to toggle the formatting off.

Shortcut for Strikethrough in Google Sheets

To apply formatting to your text, first select the cell containing the text you want to modify. If you want to add a strikethrough, on a Mac, hold down the Command and Shift keys and press X. On a Windows computer, hold down the Alt and Shift keys and press 5. Once you’ve done this, the selected cell will display the text with a strikethrough. This formatting option is useful for indicating that certain information has been revised or is no longer valid. For example, in a spreadsheet, you might use strikethrough to show that a particular price has been discounted. It can also be used in word processing to mark changes or deletions in a document. When using strikethrough, it’s important to ensure that the text remains legible and that the intended message is clear to the reader. Additionally, it’s essential to use formatting consistently to maintain a professional and organized appearance in your documents. Remember that different software applications may have variations in the steps required to apply strikethrough, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific commands for the program you are using.

Texting in Google Docs: How to Do It

To communicate with others while working on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on your computer, you can use the chat feature. This allows you to exchange messages with collaborators in real-time. To access the chat, simply click on “Show chat” at the top right of the screen. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only available when there are multiple people in the file. If you are the sole user, the chat option will not be accessible. Once you’ve opened the chat, you can type your message in the chat box and send it to your colleagues. When you’re done with the conversation, you can close the chat window by clicking on “Close” at the top right corner. This ensures that your screen is clear and you can focus on your work without the distraction of the chat interface.

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Using the chat feature can be particularly useful when collaborating on a project with others who are working remotely or in different locations. It allows for quick communication and the exchange of ideas without the need for separate messaging platforms or emails. For example, if you’re working on a presentation with a team, you can use the chat to discuss specific slides, ask for feedback, or clarify any points in real-time.

When using the chat feature, it’s important to be mindful of the context and to keep the conversation relevant to the task at hand. Avoid using the chat for personal conversations or unrelated topics, as this can be distracting and counterproductive. Additionally, always ensure that your messages are clear and concise to effectively convey your thoughts to your collaborators.

Overall, the chat feature provides a convenient way to communicate and collaborate with others while working on a shared document, spreadsheet, or presentation. By utilizing this tool effectively, you can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity when working with a team.